Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Learning the true meaning of Frogging.

This weekend I have learnt a little more about frogging. Not only does it look like I have to frogg my tank top, I had to frog my Y’s Vest 3 times in two days. lucky for me, it knits up quick, but when I keep forgetting to add button holes or to follow the st pattern things get frogged.

Also on the knitting front, the Willy Wonka Blanket. Here, I’ll add a picture of it; it’s in the back left of the photo. It looks like a great stash buster. There is a movement to figure out how it was made. I hope I’ll have enough time to give an attempt at it after work tonight. I love having the opportunity to try something new.

We went to the Moss St. Paint In on Saturday, Y and I. It has become a tradition; we eat brunch at my house, then walk down and look at all the people looking at all the art. The street was closed off to traffic and made into a walking street. It was completely packed with people, and certain points along the road afford a good view of everybody’s head.

I went to the farm and cared for some chickens. It’s a nut farm, but they have chickens and a dog and some tomatoes. Not to mention hay. It was a great lot of fun. Most of the time, we sat around watching the squirrel eat nuts. I had a lot of fun, but it is good to be home.

And now, some more pictures:

Also at the moss st paint in

Mr. Monk's House. (acually it's on moss st. It's one of the sights that we always stop and see.)

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Jennifer said...

That blanket looks fantastic. It does look like a stashbuster. Haven't seen the movie yet, and not sure I will. I didn't like the Gene Wilder version.