Thursday, July 14, 2005

Let's fall in love. Why shouldn't we fall in love? Now is the time for it, while we are young. Let's fall in love.

Wool, sun, hot weather and I do not go well together. I may love my garden trugs (see finished projects for description and pictures), but I sure as heck do not love how much they make me sweat in this weather. Walked up to the garden today and spent about an hour digging holes. That was a lot of fun. I miss it when I can’t do that. I got way too much sun and am in desperate need of a shower and some lunch. But first, I have some pictures to share with you:

Shapely Tank Top so far. I'm getting excited.

One of my tea towels. I'll post more on my Knitting of my Own page later today.

Garden is good.

Garden is value.

Garlic is also good.

Cabbage getting readyfor canning.

Sookie Cat also likes garlic. She clames this garlic as her own in the name of cat-topia, and all that is cattish for ever and ever, meaow.


Jennifer said...

The Veggies are gorgeous! Yummy! Thanks for linking to my blog; glad you enjoy reading it. I actually got my MA in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. Theology and Philosophy are related in many ways. I enjoyed my studies very much and then went on to teach religion at a Catholic high school. My favorite class to teach was on ethics. Love all ethical theory. My friends and family tease me by saying the field of ethics is dying, but I am an optimist!

Jenshine said...

Man, do I ever miss you!!

Your veggies look great, so does Sookie.

Lisa's going to be thrilled when she sees the pictures of the tea towel!

Hmmm...I just thought of something for you for a christmas present.