Sunday, July 24, 2005

Off The Face of The Earth?

I haven’t blogged lately because there hasn’t been anything to blog about. I’m working most days out of the week (yah, not) and everything else is going as slow as a summer evening. In fact, today is my first day off in ages, and it’s all mine.

Woke up extra early and went to the garden before the dew burnt off. I startled an owl as I walked to my allotment. I love mornings in general, but mornings on Sundays and holidays are even better. There is the feeling of emptiness and expectation when you venture out into the early morning. A few people here and there go about in an efficient manner, but the rest of the world is quiet.

The rest of the day is dedicated to the domestic. I have about a dozen zucchinis right now to use up with more on the way, so I’m making cake-loaf with chocolate. It’s not as nice as I had hoped, but not too bad. I’ve been pottering about, cleaning this and that, canning that and this, and overall, just making my home a pleasant place to be.

I had considered going to the art gallery to see the Japanese exhibit, but I think I’ll dedicate some time to my knitting, or more specifically, my frogging. All 3.75 balls of frogging. But, you know, I’ve got to get it done, and I haven’t been able to knit anything lately because I feel so overwhelmed with that much frogging. This is going to take a while.

I was board at work yesterday, so I tried to phone Jenshine’s phone. She always makes me happy to talk to her. But I guess she had it off, several times. I just want you to know, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I’m just tired from working. I was hoping to work two or at the most three times a week, but here I am doing 40 hours like a good little bird. Things will change in two weeks when manager gets back, but until very tired.

Also exciting: school! It starts in just over a month and 2 weeks (second week of September). I can’t wait. I’m already planning out what note book to use and what bag I am going to take on the first day. I have the provisional list of the books I get to study, and boy, do they look good. I can hardly wait. But that’s ok; I’ve started reading some supplemental texts that will help with the upcoming term. Next term I am signed up for PHIL208, Arabic Phil; Phil260, Phil of Mind; Phil490, Nature and Human Nature; Phil260 (year long), The Rationalists; Phil 310 (year long), The Empiricists and Kant; and Phil335 (also year long), Moral Phil. I will most likely drop Phil 260 and 310 with the hopes of taking them next year because they are required to graduate. I know I shouldn’t leave my worst classes to last, but if I am lucky, I can take a reduced course load in those terms.

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