Friday, July 15, 2005

silly bird. It's no use crying over frogged knitting.

For the love of frogging! I think my shapely tank top is too big. Shit-buckets. It has taken me weeks to get to just about up to the armhole shaping on the front (first) panel. Now I might have to frogg it. Frogg all of it. This sucks. Can I cry now?

Okay you silly bird, take a deep breath and walk away. Put the knitting to one side and pick up one of your other WIP’s, like that school bag that you are designing and have almost finished. You can finish that in a day, then come back to the tank top when it is done. Or better still, finish that vest for Y, that should take a couple of days to a week, then you can sew it up. Or speaking of sewing up, the weather is just perfect for sewing up the second Live Life Like a Saint bag. Failing that, you can use some of this left over cotton yarn to invent a bag to store garlic in. The possibilities are endless.

But what I really want to work on is my tank top. I was doing so well. I was knitting along at a great speed, mastering short row shaping as I sailed along, leaving all obvious difficulties in my wake. Maybe it really isn’t as big as it looks. But it is. I compared it to a tank top I have that is a bit big on me. The front panel is almost an inch too big even with the seem allowance. Perhaps if I made the back smaller? No, that would be weird. I’ll just put it to one side and walk away. I’ll take the vest for Y up to the farm this weekend and finish that off. Today, I’ll finish off these two bags. When I come back from the farm, I’ll see if the tank top is still too big. Perhaps I could Yuki-size it.

The picture is a sketch of Y's vest I made in my SnB journal.


Jennifer said...

Just put it aside for a couple of days and then revisit it. Let your subconscious work on the problem a little bit.

amy said...
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趙又廷Mark said...
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