Saturday, July 09, 2005

This may not be Scotland, but a girl can still dream.

Yesterday I went to the next town over because I hear that the LYS there is fantastic. Yes, I think it was very nice. Stash wise, they had much less than the LYS near where I live, but people wise, much improvement. I don’t like visiting my LYS for SEX, even though the quantity and quality of the yarn is mind-bogglingly beautiful. The people there are either grandma-age or just a few years younger than me, neither of which I get along with. The grandmother-age staff act very snobbish; a few outright refuse to serve me, they prefer to serve someone they can relate too better, someone a little more like themselves. When I do receive service, or if I ask a question, I am made to feel that I am some fad knitter; just in it all because it is “cool to knit” this month. I don’t think that I am.

I knit because I enjoy it. If it doesn’t last, then fine, I enjoy doing it now, and that is what matters for me. I enjoy the process of knitting. I enjoy watching the fingers of my right hand passing the yarn over the tip of the needle before both of my hands some how separate the needles from each other magically forming a new stitch. Fad knitters are wonderful. They help to return the craft to the current epoch. I am grateful for that. But I don’t identify with them. I enjoy knitting classic style patterns in traditional and if possible ethical yarns.

Returning to the topic of the (not so local) LYS in the next town; the staff there was kind, particularly after I affirmed that, “you know, I’m not really into novelty yarns so much. Do you have any patterns that use a more traditional style?” She sat me down in front of a half a dozen binders full of patterns, and I looked through all of them. They were still quite reserved towards me, like I’m some unknown variable in an experiment that could go critical at any moment or that could produce pure gold from a lesser mineral.

I didn’t find any patterns that I was looking for. Right now I am looking for a very simple pattern (or pattern collection) for pullover sweater vests. I would like to find something that I can adapt and adjust for different yarns, gages, neck lines, and stitch patterns. If this quest takes much longer, I might end up making my own pattern based on a pullover-sweater-vest I bought from Eddy Bauer.

I did however purchase
Interweave Knits, a knitting magazine I heard about on KnitCast. I just love it. Actually, there is a vest in it that is something I would like to make. It is not specifically what I was looking for, but it’s a start. Finally, I found something with cables that I want to make.

Now, it’s back to work on my shapely tank top until I have to head off to work. I’ll post pictures just as soon as I have enough done to take a nice picture. In the mean time, I’ve included some pictures of Scotland from previous visits. I hope you enjoy them.

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Andrew said...

I love this blogspot...
I signed myself up, I think it has more capabilities than spaces...
Also looks like your writings are being published in a book which I know is silly, bit I think is cool.
Talk to you later...did you here about the screening at Maple Bank?