Thursday, July 14, 2005

Turning into farm girl

My boss is going on vacation, so my dad and I have volunteered to care for his farm for some of the time he is gone. I am really looking forward to living on a farm for a few days. It will be nice to get away from this city, even if it is for a few days. It also means that I will be away from my internet and my home over the weekend; so, if you are trying to get a hold of me, it won’t work.

Talking about work, I may like my job and my coworkers, I just didn’t expect to work this much. I don’t mean that the amount of work I am doing is a lot, it is fine. It’s the number of shifts that is getting to me. I’m so exhausted and there are so many things around my house that need doing not to mention it’s start of canning season. Some of our red cabbage are ready to turn into pickled cabbage, so we get to do that before we go. Not to mention the beans and garlic that also get to be smothered in vinegar and stuffed into a jar. I can’t wait until the fruit is ready and we can start canning that too. mmmm... apple sauce.

Knitting wise, my main focus is still my Shapely Tank Top. I’m at the bust and the second go at short row shaping. I am no longer fretting it; I am just following directions and praying that I don’t have to frog the entire thing. I am also working on Y’s vest, but less effort is going into that these days. I am excited about both of them and can’t wait to see how they turn out. The organic cotton that I am using is the first yarn I’ve ever had to come in, what’s the word for that again?, long loopy thing that you have to wind into balls of yarn. Is it called a hank? I just can’t remember. Anyway, this yarn is absolutely lovely. I’m certain that I must look quite odd draping this hank over my knees in order to wind it up into balls; but, there is something lovely about knitting with yarn that you wound up yourself.

I had tried to blog the other day, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. I lost all my text and couldn’t get it back. I was a bit sad. What I was trying to blog about is my schooling. I am feeling old compared to my fellow students, even though five years isn’t much of an age gap in my opinion. It’s just they are so much more younger than that, or perhaps, I am just so much older than my age. Either way, the gap is noticeable, and I am starting to get flack from other areas saying that I am too old to be still in my undergraduate studies, I should be in graduate studies by now. Let me set this straight, if I had gone, like most of these kids, directly from high school to university, I would have failed. I saw no use in education at that time. After having worked for a few years, I can see how much I enjoy learning. Education offers the time and the opportunity to learn, despite the draw back of having a set course syllabus. I think I’ll focus my attention of getting into to university in Scotland. Stirling is my first choice, but St Andrews if I have to. Stirling and St Andrews University work together in their Philosophy Graduate programme. They are both very good universities, I hope I can get in.

It is my day off today, I’ll head to the garden then I will see what I can get done around the house.

Today’s pictures are from when I lived in the UK

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