Sunday, August 28, 2005

Apple Jelly with Ginger and Lemon

It is finally raining. I know, it isn’t proper to want the summer to end, but who ever said I was proper? I’m glad for the rain, it gives me a good excuse to stay inside, knit, read, and cook jelly.

I stopped by work today to purchase some eggs from my co-worker. He has some free range Orcana (sp?) chickens that lay blue eggs. More specifically, they lay eggs with blue shells. He also had a large box of Transparents (apples) that he was giving away; I took all but the best home with me. Transparents are like the new born of apples; if you so much as pick them up, you burse them. I knew I had to use them up quickly so I decided to try out my new juice extractor and make apple jelly. Actually, I made Apple Jelly with Ginger and Lemon, and boy, does it taste good.

Knitting wise, I’m getting ready to try and make my Eris Pullover from and I am very excited about it. But, because I don’t have much experience with cables, I am using up the left over yarn from my shapely tank top and making a Celtic Cap (also from the same place). I have managed to fix every mistake I’ve made so far and I am beginning to feel more confident. For my pullover, I think I will use some Peruvian Highland Wool from . I haven’t decided on the colour yet, but I would like something a bit brighter than I have been wearing lately. I was thinking that perhaps I would use “grape heather”, but I haven’t decided yet. I have all sorts of questions, like what is a raglan sweater? I wonder if there is a knit along for this sweater going on around somewhere.

More than a week before classes start again and already I am reading my textbooks. I decided I should get a head start on the fourth year class I’m in seeing that the administration still has me down as a second year (even if I am in my third). It is a really interesting book, or at least the introduction is riveting (for a philosophy major, remember, all things like “riveting” are relative and extremely context dependent). The book is “The Philosophy of the Commentators 200-600AD”, in other words, it’s about the philosophers of that time who pretty much did philosophy simply by commenting on Plato and Aristotle. The modern day world views of cultures influenced by the three religions of Abraham (Jew, Christian and Islam) are influenced heavily by what these Commentators taught. Needless to say, I cannot wait until classes begin again.

Ok, I found an Eris Knitalong, but I’m not certain if I signed up properly. I’ve never joined a knit along before. Actually, I had to use my yahoo address for some reason instead of my usual one, so I hope it works. I just have to remember to check that email as well.

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