Friday, August 05, 2005

The darkness is just a reflection of their times, not ours.

For me, it is so much easier to know a person’s works if I know where they are coming from. Having read The Diary of Soren Kierkegaard (or excerpts of it as the publisher saw fit) I feel that I have a much deeper grasp of his philosophy. There is something useful in knowing where a person is coming from, and how they see themselves. Even before reading the majority of their works, one can learn much of what one will read by said author. In Sartre’s works, if one listens carefully as they read, one can hear different influences as if they are talking through him; these influences like ghosts using him as a medium. As his works grow stronger, one can also hear his opinions of these ghosts; his love of them; his disillusionment with them; and even his bitter hatred of the betrayal these ghosts portray.

Now, I am reading The Words by Jean-Paul Sartre. It is an autobiography written about him by him. Many of the ideas, beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions that I have considered independently in my own life, Sartre describes here. I understand many of the complaints against existentialism, and many of them are valid, but perhaps, there is a way of salvaging so many of the good aspects of this philosophy and repackaging it to fit the point of view of so many of our future philosophers.

On a side note, I’ve added yet another sub-blog to this page. It seems I cannot escape from writing about the trivial aspects of my life. Today's pictures are from my trip to california earlier this year.