Monday, August 22, 2005

"Everything's going so well!"

I finished my Suki Yuki Vest last night. I had only to measure the strap length and attach it to the right place before giving it to Y. Actually, I did all that at the garden, and had brought along all the sewing goodies that I could possibly need. It’s funny; my Felted Palm Protector works perfectly as a sewing kit. I have no Suki Yuki Vest pictures yet, but I am confident I can acquire some; they are just going to take some time.

That’s the first half of my Knitters Vow of what I will have finished by the start of term. As for my Shapely Tank Top, I am still going strong. I’ve had far too much knitting time for all the wrong reasons; I’ve been visiting my grandmother in the hospital every day for the last two weeks (also the reason why I haven’t been blogging much). I am about two thirds of the way finished the second half. It’s looking good.

I have started making my first Christmas present. It is really cute and a pleasure to make. I will have to start creating a Christmas post, because I cannot be certain that these people don’t read or will never start reading my blog. Not that anyone reads it anyway, but why take the chance?

I just saw this jumper pattern: Eris V-neck Cardigan and Pullover. I think I want to make this soon. The thing is, I have so many little things I want and need to make, not to mention the Wonka blanket I want to make to help with using up my stash. How about, I can reward myself by purchasing this pattern and yarn when I finish paying off my credit card? It seems like a good reward. I just cannot believe how beautiful this pattern is. I think I need some soft yarn in a natural fibre. It can be something beautiful I can do for myself.

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Jenshine said...

Just popped in to see what's going on around here. Was thinking about you today and wanted to say hi. Hi.