Thursday, August 18, 2005

I saw three ships

A few nights ago, my dream began when the world was ice. The dream prior was of travel and betrayal of old friends. In this dream, the world was frozen, and I left a house, walking to the shore. The body of water, or more specifically ice, was inappropriately Lake Ontario. I stood at the top of a sandy embankment and saw the most amazing thing; the water was frozen and in it, three tall ships. The ships were massive sailing ships with many masts, each of them larger than a city block and twice as tall as the CN tower. Each ship, trapped in the frozen lake, was covered in ice, snow drifts draped from the rigging. Although there would be no way for anyone to survive, I could feel life inside those ships.

One ship in particular afforded a beautiful view. It was closer than the others, and the sun was setting behind it, in a cloudy sky. I had a camera and wanted to preserve this image. I was afraid of the ice. A woman was beside me, and I trusted her. We went together down the steep and sandy embankment onto the ice. As we stepped onto the ice, wave upon wave came at us from the frozen lake, each wave melting the ice that we stood on. We ran towards the safety of shore, but I fell just short of the embankment, my shins burned by the cold water and ice. The woman helped me up. We stood on the embankment and saw that the world was warm. The ships sailed into the dieing light of the sunset.

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JustApril said...

Brrrrr... Now I need a blanket - but that was truly beautiful - like prose. *GIFTED YOU ARE*
(you have to say that like Yoda)