Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Let's just pretend that the past didn't happen."

I have finally completed my Knitters Vow; both my Suki Yuki Vest and my Shapely Tank Top are complete. All I have to do now is sew in a bout a dozen ends on my Tank Top so that it will be ready for the first day back at class. I made the tank top shorter than I could have, and the armholes are a bit tight so far, but I should be able to fix that with blocking. Overall it looks good on me. In fact, I’m wearing it as I write this.

So, what’s next on E’Bert’s list of knitting? Well, there are those socks that I would like to make soon from Interweave Knits. Also, there are several small Christmas gifts that I am starting and trying to get done in my spare time. Right now, I am making Christmas gifts for Japan, because I have to ship them out the first week of October. For myself, that is easy; I purchased the Eris Pullover and Cardigan pattern from , I absolutely love it, although, it has many many skills that I have never attempted before. I look forward to the challenge and I am always up for trying something new.

I went to the University today to see the head of my department and to purchase some textbooks before the bookstore gets too crowded. The BGH (Big Giant Head, aka. the head of my department) granted me permission to enter the Honours Programme in Philosophy; however, I have been advised that my grades are nowhere near good enough to attend Grad School. I told BGH, no problem, provided you let me take only 4 classes per term, I can get my grades up where they need to be. I hope I didn’t lie to the BGH. I am incredibly excited about attending classes this term, but I doubt my ability sometimes. I know, in this line of study, it takes very little effort for me to do well; or to put it another way, it takes me working 24/7, thinking, breathing, sleeping, eating my subjects of study in order for me to feel like I am staying afloat. It takes me a lot more physical effort than many of my fellow students, but I get slightly better results for my effort, and I have in depth applicable knowledge of what I have studied. It’s a labour of love, and I couldn’t do it any other way. When I learn these things, I feel Human Flourishing (Aristotle’s eudaimonia). I feel fulfilled; I feel that I am fulfilling a function, almost as if I was designed specifically for it.

I go back to University tomorrow for more bureaucracy. Wish me luck. (for update on what happened and complaints about bureaucracy, see my highlystrung page).

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Jennifer said...

I bought the Eris pattern as well. Don't have immediate plans to knit it however. Congratulations on the Honours programme!