Monday, August 01, 2005

A Pirate's Vow, with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan

I saw A Pirate’s Vow in the theatre last week. It was fantastic, any true Gilbert and Sullivan fan would just roll over laughing it was that good. I was driven to tears during most of it. It is a shame that so many of the Gilbert and Sullivan fans in this town are D’oyly Cart, or else they would have been banging down the doors. It doesn’t help much that the Mary Winspear Centre never advertises. But, I saw it and it was great.

And now for a knitters vow of my own: I have one month until university starts and I am determined to finish both my vest for Y and my shapely (previously frogged) tank top. I vow to my self not to begin any more projects until they are both finished and sewn up.

I did however, make a new holder for my palm pilot. The wool of the other one just doesn’t go well with this hot weather. The pictures are forthcoming; however, I did use a new technique called tubular knitting.


Andrew said...

Hey, just wondering how you're doing!?!

Jenshine said...

It hasn't ended yet. I still can't get the piece of crap out. No matter how hard I tried. I didn't even bother last night because I made a doctor's appointment yesterday to have it taken out today. And it damn well better come out. Dammit.