Sunday, September 11, 2005

I bougt another book yesterday, the problem is, I'm still frightened of the pointy up and down going thing on my sewing machine.

After almost two weeks of knitting, I finally had my evening of wondering around the house with my newly finished Eris Yoke (do I hear oxen?) strung about my neck. I think this pattern has got to be one of the most complicated thing I’ve knitted so far; short row shaping take my needles on a u-turn around the shoulder whilst I try desperately to follow the most complicated (though easy to read) cable chart that’s ever crossed my path (literally). But, you know what? I still love it. This is the most lushish pattern. The cables just pop right out, and the wool is soft and warm. In fact, it’s a heck of a lot warmer than anything I’ll need to wear here where it seldom gets below 10 degrees Celsius in mid winter. I suppose I could always go without a winter coat (gasp!) or wait for one of those really cold mornings in January when there is frost on the ground. Whoever said Canada was the land of ice and snow obviously never visited the West coast.

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