Saturday, October 08, 2005

eating salty gravy

The reading report for Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling is in. There wasn’t much I wanted to change; my first draft was surprisingly polished. It’s one of those papers that just flowed like ink from a gold nib. The first draft I wrote out in a few hours, the revisions had me up an entire night. The problem is that there is so much depth to SK’s work, how can I choose what to talk about in a paper with limited space? And I so do love to express what I’ve learnt

My next SK works to read are Works of Love and In Vino Veritas. These are both works on divine love. I would love some thoughts from people with experience with this. What was said on the earlier post was most helpful.

Besides SK, I have two, or is it three?, exams coming up. One for Phil of Mind, it’s a no-brainer; I just have to spend an hour or so going over the text book. Another one for Rationalists; it’s entirely Descartes (supper fun – NOT!). f’ing Descartes makes E’Bert grumpy. The third test is for Medieval Islamic writings. That should be interesting. Two other assignments to write. I think, after studying for exams I’m going to put everything else on hold for a week and write my Mind essay. It shouldn’t bee hard.

That’s my life right now. Aside from a few other things I’m not going to go into on my blog that is. I have very little knitting time, so eris is going slow. I should have him finished before the weather turns supper/super cold.

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read it love it. love him (most of the time). email me

Jennifer said...

Good luck on all your exams! I know you will do well.

JustApril said...

Hey E'bert, my email:

clarify 'divine love', do you mean feeling love FOR the divine or feeling love FROM the divine? (or something else entirely?