Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Before you know it, you’ll be saying, what was all the fuss?

I’m not much in the mood to blog, but why not.

I wonder why the eternal is prised more than the ephemeral is. Why do we search for connection to something greater than ourselves rather than being satisfied with what exists around us? Why do we quest for understanding and knowledge? Why do they say that we should praise divine love because it is eternal and unchanging? Why not cherish the burst of joy on a dying woman’s face when you enter the room? There is nothing eternal in that. It comes and within seconds returns to the grim mask of pain that has consumed what there is left of her life. And when she smiles, the pure elation that enters her husband holds nothing of the eternal. That is a husband that stood by her side through the adventures of life. Now, he lives for her and she is dieing.

Why should I prise the eternal rather than that? Why not heed the poet’s call, “You should love a thing all that much more because it is transitory.”

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EmmA...er...Pamela said...

i think loving something transitory is important... but there is a vast difference between loving and idolizing... worship and reverance for a eternal unchanging God is significant- because He is the only unchanging thing... the only thing worthy of our ultimate reverance and our ultimate worship...
loving the world... loving the pains, the goodness, the sorrow, the passion... that's all good... but at the end of the day we will only have that which is unchanging.