Monday, November 21, 2005

It's been a sad week.

Here is the same paragraph I posted last week, only this time done by a different translator. Notice anything different (like a few extra sentences and a different order)?

"If a human being did not have an eternal consciousness, if underlying everything there were only a wild, fermenting power that writhing in dark passions produced everything, be it significant or insignificant, if a vast, never appeased emptiness hid beneath everything, what would life be then but despair? If such were the situation, if there were no sacred bond that knit humankind together, if one generation emerged after another like forest foliage, if one generation succeeded another like the singing of birds in the forest, if a generation passed through the world as a ship through the sea, as wind through the desert, an unthinking and unproductive performance, if an eternal oblivion, perpetually hungry, lurked for its prey and there were no power strong enough to wrench that away from it - how empty and devoid of consolation life would be!"

As for me, I'm sad because I lost someone very dear to me. This isn't the place to go into details, but I will most likely not be around the blog much for at least the rest of the month.

3 comments: said...

Hey "Eris" :)-
sorry to hear about your loss... don't know the details, but know your heart aches. sorry.

Cinthia said...

I don't know you, but my thoughts will be with you. All the best. There's always a silver lining to whatever happens in this life.

JustApril said...

I'm sorry for you. It's very hard, I know, I'll be thinking about you.

I lost my Grandpa on the 16th, so you aren't despairing alone. =(

If you need a shoulder: