Friday, December 16, 2005

Frost on the windows

I've been putting aside knitting for me and focusing on last minuite christmas gifts. In a way, I really hate knitting for other people. My mind races with questions like: what if it doesn't turn out? What if I misjudged her/his style? How am I garenteed a return of the envestment of all this time and effort? The great thing about knitting for myself, is I know what effort I put into it, and if I end up not liking my finished project, I can just toss it in the cupboard, there is no guilt attached at not using it. For example, my first sweater - prity much a knitted box with a hood attached. It took me two months to knit, and is very comfortable. That's not saying I would be cought dead wearing it out of the house, but it's great for afternoons spend lazying around at home.

T'is the weeks before christmas and I knit through the house,
My cat, she is chaseing,
an imaginary mouse.

All wraped in a blanket, knitting even in bed,
visions of what if dancing in my head.

3 comments: said...

ahh... my old roomie knit like a mad lady one winter for xmas gifts of scarves... i still love that scarf to pieces. a scarf you can never go wrong with... maybe a box shaped sweater might be a disapointing gift... but never a scarf.

JustApril said...

are you quite alright? something seems like it's not quite right.

JustApril said...

for a laugh