Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Talk to Me

It is interesting what people consider important enough to discuss with a large audience. The radio announcer shares the details of his big toe with the world. How are we to sort through all the junk that is being communicated to us in order to find the kernel of important information we need to enrich our lives? That is a lot of responsibility put on the individual.

They say that it is a ‘fully developed communication system’ that separates humans from other animals. We are told that it is important to maintain this system if we are to prevent descending into the wild once again.

Yet, I wonder, with all the media out there, from television to blogs, is it possible to have too much communication?


EmmA...er...Pamela said...

most definitely possible. you know, one thing i have noticed about being in a country that i don't speak the language (not enough to count anyway) is just how much more i actually think, contemplate whatever...and it's so cool because i don't hear all the nonsense... like right now i am in the library and two women are talking in full volume, but it doesn't even bother me because i cannot make any sense of it...but if they were speaking in english, i would be hearing and understanding whatever they are talking about and then thinking about whatever they are talking about... ya know?

JustApril said...

I sometimes go into information overload, from too much communication. It's real work, and mental exhaustion can set in.