Thursday, January 19, 2006



So what is your Dangerious Idea? This year's Edge question asks some of the greatest thinkers of the current age about their dangerious idea. Daniel C. Dennett is one of my favorite of the living "great thinkers" and also the person I will be writing my major essay of this term about. Dennett talks about ideas and memes (a way of talking about ideas which is easily subject to darwinistic analysis and a concept that I have yet to fully understand). These devious little memes invade a host's brain and make a home for themselves forever compeating with other memes who too would like to make that brain their home. No, memes aren't worms, instead they are (after a fassion) ideas. For some reason Dennett states in this Edge article that the human brain can only fit a limited quantity of memes. Or am I just misunderstanding?

Back to the grindstone. Today I get to read "The causal theory of the mind" by D. M. Armstrong, followed by large quantites of German homework (Why on earth did I choose to take German? This class is so hard!) and last but not least, I want to look at my Hegel book to see if the anthropological approach to Globalization has inherited the Hegealian way of looking at history. Try saying that ten times real fast. On the other hand, I could just waste time and write a letter to the student paper complaining about stupid-rude people on the bus. Perhaps they are just stupid-rude because they don't know how one is suppose to act. Don't block the exit door stupid person!

that's all for now folks.

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