Saturday, March 04, 2006

And then, I realized like a rabbit who just spied a carrot, I've never done YO's before!

You see, the fact is, I do very much enjoy going to university. It is just, the classes that I don't agree with. What I like best is learning new things, and having the oppertunity to research and write about a topic that interests me. I can even be temporally interested in topics that I wouldn't normally be like if I have to. I don't mind. But all this class work, all this doing what the teacher says, having to respect (beep) holes who are called upon to teach in areas they have no background in because the department is short staffed, this is not what I signed up for. At least it is not what I thought I signed up for.

I want to be left alone to research and write, I understand that I need background in order to do this, but when there is no one at my university qualified to teach me, for example, Hegel (which I need a good foundation of in order to pass the entrence exams for the grad schools I am considering not to mention the remainder of my accademic career), I get frusterated at this.

I feel that there is something wrong with the way that acadamia works. I just wish I could see what it was, because, maybe then, I could see how to fix it.

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JustApril said...

Yeah, YO's can be enigmatic. I did them wrong for like a year! Let me know if you need help with them =)

Ah... the elusive teacher with qualifications to teach the thing it teaches. Yeah, not fun, my Spanish teacher knew less Spanish than I did, and had appalling pronunciation. excruciating I used to laugh out loud in class because of it. Poor thing, she'd sigh and say, "OK, April, how it is SUPPOSED to be pronounced?" LOL so sad