Thursday, March 09, 2006

I owe an apology...I should have posted this sooner. Sorry.

Now, I should have posted this sooner because I feel that is very important to give credit to people when they do something great. But since I forgot last day, I’ll dedicate this entire post to it as my way of making up for my shortcomings.

April, of Coffee Crazy Knitters, and her sis designed these fantastic buttons for the Simply Lovely Lace Socks KAL. They also attached the code to the pictures, for which I am also very grateful.

The theory is, if I do this correctly, you can simply copy and paste which button you like. Here goes:

border="0" width="91" height="100">


JustApril said...

You're welcome - *eyes batting*

Tricotine said...

That code is missing the opening of the code... Blogger doesn't allow me to writh it here though...

Nice button, April! :)

Isabelle :)