Sunday, March 12, 2006

I really should start some German Homework soon. oh well...

I've updated the Knitted UFO Siting blog with my tale of the Monk's Travel Satchel (adapted). If anyone out there would like to join the UFO blog/hall of fame, I have been informed by a blogging genius that I need your email address to add you/invite you to join the blog. Until I have time to research a better way of doing this, you can leave a comment on the UFO blog letting me know if you would like to join up and share with the world your tails of Objects UnFinished.

Coming soon to this blog, pictures of a Finished Object, my Eris pullover. I would post them today, but I actually have homework to complete before the weekend is out. (that will teach me to take German 100 - it really cuts down on my knitting and researching time.) Until then, a preview:

I am really looking forward to this summer vacation. Four months of knitting, working, and researching my own project (hint, it is Kierkegaard related, but at this rate will take about 3 years to complete).


JustApril said...

whooops! I thought I commented on this - that's bad, I'm dream commenting now?

it's this blanket, it's eating my brain aaaaauuuuuuuuggggghhhhh

good post, but I'm too crazy to retain the info to make a pertinent comment. =)

JustApril said...

I finally did your promo =)

Knit and Tink said...

Hey! I have started seeing your button here and there. Your sock is beautiful. I've loved wearing my simply lovely lace socks, hope you enjoy yours too! (I changed the name on my blog and probably the link changed too)