Monday, April 03, 2006

The birds are singing

The song birds have returned from their winter commute. They like to nest in the bushes outside my window and they start to sing about an hour before sun rise. That isn't so bad this time of year when I need to be up anyway, but come summer, they begin their marry melody about 3 in the morning.

This last weekend was suppose to be about my essay, but it ended up being about doing things for other people and when I did have a chance to do things for myself, I had to solve problems. So, in the end, I only managed two hours on my essay for Phil of Mind, and even then, I was so frustrated I didn't get anything worth while done. I'm just so tired of this.


JustApril said...

Well, there's something about responsibilities that always makes you tired. That's what no one ever tells you about adulthood =) but it will be ok. There is something satisfying about kicking the responsiblility in the butt and getting it over with as to say, "Curse you, you won't win this time! and now I can KNIT."

Lucy said...

I'm tired of it too. 3 midterms and two assignments make leanne a cranky student.FIVE MORE DAYS!!!

Jenshine said...

Okay, I think I found the perfect trip around Europe! It's 15 days and it goes to Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, England, the Netherlands and Germany. It's £699.99, which is a bit pricey, but still, how fun would that be?!! 7 countries in 15 days! I'd be mad to do it, but it looks so amazing!

Ah, travelling. I really want to get out and about. Getting a flat is good, but...travelling seems so much better. Damn my indecisiveness! I think I'm going to go for the flat, but still...I want to have a wander at some point.

Jenshine said...

Ooh, I just realized how early it is over there. I've only got two hours left and then I'm done work here forever. Mental! It's great!

K, I'll stop commenting on your blog now.