Friday, April 28, 2006

oh dear, the freeks came out again.

This seems to be the month for spam. Not the reasonable stuff that come in a can, and though I would never eat it personally, I'm sure it's quite yummy to some. I'm talking about bad spam! I hate it, I hate it! Some spammer is sending me up to 20 junk emails with dodgy attachments and no message in hopes that I will foolishly override my anti-virus protocol and open a dodgy file. Not gonna happen buddy.

Now, due to the recent blog spam, I have initiated the word verification (which I hate by the way - It's really hard to read some of those words, and I don't think it will stop any halfway serious nut job with a computer) and I have started the moderation of comments feature. I don't know if that will work or not, but well see. I'll probably just get frustrated with it and turn it off after a while.

It's back to work again today, but first, I'm gonna make cookies. yummy!

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JustApril said...

Yeah those spammers started in on me early. I don't mind word verifcation, tho, I like trying to make words out of them and then giggle about it. SO preteen, I know, but hey, ......


Jiddyvizzigg hehehehe