Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh how I do love the sun shine.

The good news is that the term is almost over. I polished off my final essay this morning, and all that is left is one exam. It should go well seeing that it is only on the Rationalists - Descartes, Malebranch, Spinoza and Liebnetz. How hard can it be?

I have yet to find some buttons for my cardigan, but it is no use looking yet seeing as I have no money and I think my poor cat must go to the vet soon. I suppose I could put the bill on my credit card, but then, I wouldn't have enough money to pay the min balance over the next few months. That would be a bad thing. It is not only that, it's just that she doesn't have any definite symptoms. she is lethargic, but then again she is a cat. She is neurotic, but again, that can be explained by her species. I'll just try a change of food for now, see if I can make her better through diet while I save up to send her to the vet.

I do enjoy much about University, but I am frustrated by the system as well. My department is very good for what it is good at, but shite for what I want to study. I am looking forward to spending time this summer on what I want to study.


JustApril said...

well, at least this term is nearly finished. Maybe the next one will be less frustrating? The sun will cme out, tomorrow....

Jen said...

Ah, so close. I only have three days of work left after this. And I feel terrible about it because no one here knows what I'm doing.

I just want to be finished here. Bess emailed me to let me know when she's coming over and it looks like it'll coincide nicely.

I'm debating not even finishing work this week. Man, when I make it hard on myself. I really make it hard on myself, don't I?

Jen said...

Oh, I found a ticket on megabus for £1.50 to London. I thought I was going to have to spend like £20. That's brilliant! It'll get me to London at like 8:30 at night on the 3rd, then I'll just figure out how to get to a hostel from there and then Gatwick the next day. There was a night bus as well for £10 that would've gotten me into the city at 7:30 in the morning, but I need at least three hours to check in, so that wouldn't have worked.

I have to go to the library tonight, so I'll be calling you after that. I'm also letting all the girls know tonight that I'm leaving. God, what am I like?

Wendi called me last night and told me that the bed's available when I get back. They're so good to me. I'm really happy that everyone's been so supportive, but I get the feeling it's because people think I'm fragile and about to break. Which, I'm almost certain, is true. Stupid travelling.

Jen said...

K, last message. I swear on it. I want today to be my last. I thought I could get through the week, but no more. I'm spent. I just don't want to do it. Does that make me a terrible person?

I'll have enough to get by on until I get home. I just don't want to do it anymore. I hope I get to talk to you tonight.