Thursday, April 06, 2006

what it is like to read Nagel's What it is Like to be a Bat!

I wish that I had my own digi-cam. A small, light weight one would be just about right. Then I could take pictures for my blog more often. Like for example, my knitting. I am certain that you all love to see pictures of knitting (wink, wink) or of my garden which is just as exciting.

The cotton summer sweater set I’ve decided to ‘design’ is coming along faster than I anticipated. It is essay and exam season for us university students after all, and that leaves surprisingly little time to knit. I am really quite pleased with it. I have finished the back and started the front of the cardi. I decided to knit both front panels at the same time to ensure that they will be the same length and I also decided to put the edging band on later by picking up the sts along the front edge and neck line. I have yet to decide what buttons I would like, I think that once I have a little bit of money again, that is one of the first things I will buy for myself. There is something about this particular yarn that makes each st look distinct and even though it is simple stst with a gtst border - it gives off the impression of being something more.

The essays are coming along slowly but surely. Every time I sit down to write one essay, my mind revolts and starts to get ideas for the other one. So they are both crawling along at a snails pace much like the front panels of my cardigan.

Has anyone out there read Nagel’s What it is Like to be a Bat? if so, what do you think of the idea that his ‘what it is like’ criteria would qualify as qualia in some shape or form?

I don't have many pictures of Jenshine on this blog, so here is one for you. I miss her, but she lives in Scotland for G-knows-how-much-longer! I hope you are having a blast Jenshine, and don't tell anyone, but I already know what I am going to knit you for christmas. Can you guess? I bet you cant! I'm so excited!
Have a wicked-awsome day!


JustApril said...

If I wasn't so tired, I'd have something deep to say. I did look up some paper on the whole debate of the existance of the "what it's like to...." thing. I think the whole purpose of some people's existance is just to write things, that once written, still leave you no more educated or informed about anything. They write to hear their own voice in their head and feel important. I can go around in circles all day, too, but it doesn't get me anywhere. smirk!

I hope your paper rocks! At least you make sense!

Jenshine said...

ah, I'm sitting at my new job right now and the keyboard is one of those weird ergonomic ones. that I can't figure out how to use, but I think this job is going ti be really interesting. They commission development workers all over the world to go all over the world and do work. How cool is that?!

The system is down here, so basically it's just a waiting game until it's back up.

Jenshine said...

still sitting here, working away with excel...I'm thinking I might go for the job at the hostel after all. I don't know. I wish I could talk to you. Sometimes I really hate Edinburgh. Actually, most of the time I hate Edinburgh. This city sucks. It sucks. And it feels damn good to say that. And I feel trapped here.

I really miss home right now. I wish I could see you or talk to you, or something. I'm writing you like a ten page letter.

I feel lucky. My co-workers are really friendly so far. I just hope I get something out of this experience when it's all over. I know if I walked away from it right now, I wouldn't regret it, more like see it as a lesson learned. Not as an experience gained. Whick is a bit disappointing. Makes me wonder how long I'd have to wait to actually be happy here.

Stupid Scotland. This country needs to smarten up, dammit!I've had just about enough. Honestly.