Monday, May 15, 2006

Knitty &c.

I wish that knitting magazines like would include a cooking recipe that goes well with knitting.

For example: On my days off, I love to knit while I am baking traditional bread. The bread takes about 4 hours to bake, but really only requires a total of half an hour attention. The rest of the time, I need to be home, doing something while it rises, so I knit.

Other ideas would include quick appetizers (not too sticky because the yarn will get yucky) that one can serve at a knitting get together. Or pretty things that involve breading pastry or something that resembles knitting motion.

But then again, if wishes were wings......

1 comment:

JustApril said...

If wishes were horses beggars would ride.... what's the end of the sentence you started?

not too sticky, not too greasy, not too drippy....hmmm

Serve things that can be eaten with toothpicks. Grapes and cheese and little rolls of deli meat?