Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer time and the living is easy...

If wishes were wings.... and I don't know the rest. Perhaps, pigs would fly, but that has been beaten to death. I remember there being something about hope and bridges, but the details are vague. Perhaps, if wishes were wings, bread would do more than just rise? Or, perhaps, we can leave it to the beauty of your imagination.

I took my bike around the coast yesterday. It was lovely and warm. The sun and the breeze hammered down on me in the most delightful way.

I'm off to work for the next few days. Haven't been doing much philosophy lately, mostly reading Jane Austin in hopes of getting to know the time period better. I like reading novels of a time period written in the time period they are about. It is like a self portrait of a certain cross section of society.

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JustApril said...

Now I'm singing that song! lol AH well, I'm sure I could find that poem thing in my Mother Goose Book or Book House books if I went looking for it =)