Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Badmouthing the University Administration Cannot Be Good For Your Health

I picked up this book yesterday and have not been able to put it down since.

Planet U: Sustaining the World, Reinventing the University

M’Gonigle, Michael and Justine Starke
2006 Planet U: sustaining the world, reinventing the university. New Society Publishers: Gabriola Island, Canada.

Although a little more on the environmental side than I had hoped, it does raise some interesting questions.


Also, for those of you interested in Education and the problems with modern day knowledge in general, have a gander at this article: Do Philosophers Love Wisdom?

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unenlightened said...

Perhaps this explains why I feel so sick? Sounds interesting, but not quite interesting enough to spend my miniscule book budget on - I might be able to get it in the local library in a year or so... I am very, very sceptical that the institutions that are at the forefront of our whole tradition of progress, capitalism, selfishness, authority, privilege, etc, etc, are about to solve all the problems they have had a large part in creating, and have a large interest in preserving. I think that the whole educational system is out of date and regessive. Such little hope as I have is placed in the internet, which seems to be designed to break down hierarchy, authority and individualism in the intellectual world, but universities tend to cling to limited access journals, and the maintainance of power. Of course I would say that, being outside the system - What price freedom of thought?? Of course there are decent people in universities, generous and doing their best, but the institutions themselves - bastions of white male privilege etc. Long live the electronic revolution!