Friday, July 07, 2006


This Blog is Changing!

It is time to take this blog to the next level. Stay tuned, in the next few days this blog will become something a little better.

My aim is to take this blog from simply a sometimes updated hodgepodge of my life to a twice weekly narrative of my academic career. It will be a place where I can tell stories of my experiences and practice expressing my ideas prior to publishing them. Don't worry, there will still be knitting and stories of my annoying cat, just less of it than before.

See you soon!


JustApril said...

I'd been wondering about you - glad to know you didn't fall under a rock and stay there =)*)

Look forward to the seeing all the new stuff!

Reasoning E'Bert said...

Awe, thanks.

I was a bit worried that I might loose my links with this new formatting, but I saved them and all that remains is for me to find some spare time tomorrow morning to re-install them.

I'm actually quite excited about putting more time and effort into my blog.