Saturday, August 26, 2006

And People Ask Me Why I Don’t Want Children

These people simply cannot get along. It’s like babysitting teenagers.

My co-worker, Kaptian Crybaby (KC) asks me to settle a problem between himself and another person. This conflict has been on going since KC’s arrival four months ago.

I am not KC’s boss, I am not responsible for solving this conflict, but I have a sympathetic manner which leads men to believe that I am a good listener and that I actually care. (You are on the job less than a week and you believe that you work better than those who have been here over 10 years, perhaps you need to re-evaluate a thing or two. Definitely, you should not be bitching to me.)

The Boss-Men say that Kaptian Crybaby is in the wrong, and that he needs to learn to live with it. So now, KC comes to his other co-workers and asks them to solve his problem for him. It really gets my goat when someone believes they can get away with being this obviously underhanded and manipulative.

Honestly, you are simply not trying hard enough.

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