Friday, August 25, 2006

I am rather concerned about triangles.

My philosophical obsessions this week include curiosity about triangles and Hegel’s ontology:

Why did the ancient Greeks like triangles so much? Why did they choose the triangle as the most perfect geometric shape? Triangles always came across as so artificial to me. They seem more like a human construct than an actual natural phenomena. Personally I would have gone with something more circular – but what do I know?

What I have read so far about Hegel seems to suggest that in his organic world view, there are increasing levels of organization (apperception, or self-aware self-awareness being tops). When I am knitting or lately, when I am spinning, I see the change from one structure to another that has more levels of organization. I need to read more on this view of reality. It is curious.

HouseGuest, R-- and I went to visit the local castle last week. It’s more of a manor house really, but it’s tall and almost a hundred years old. I took some photos of the clothing they had on display, in hopes of finding some inspiration for my textile adventure. Nothing came of it, but I did start my first toe-up socks ever using a new twisted rib pattern. I’m happy, happy, happy.... albeit, concerned about impending school.
Oh, and here is one from my trip to Vancouver with M--L--. Very fun.

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