Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rational Thought

Rational Thought is the domain of philosophers. It is said that the capacity for rational thought differentiates humans from all other thing in the world. It is perhaps the most valued capacity of humanity. But what is it?

The other day, HouseGuest (I think I need to find her a better nickname) asked me “what exactly is rational thought”? At first I knew it simply. It was an easy question and I needed no time to organize my thoughts to answer such a fun question. In the time it took for me to draw breath and open my mouth, I realized that I did not know the answer. I had no definition of rational thought. This got me thinking...

Today’s pictures are from my recent trip to Salt Spring Island. They have some of the most amazing things there, including an old style spinning mill. I bought some yarn from a sheep farm on the north end of the island and I hope to visit the mill next time I’m over there.


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