Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I had two highly entertaining classes, followed by a horrific hour of listening to Dr. Undercomb (so named because his comb over is decidedly lacking the desired effect) blither on about John Locke. Dr. Undercomb has some knowledge, I’ll give him that, but I find him particularly offensive, unlike Dr. K---- who is brilliant and offensive in a “I don’t want to bother about politically correct hoo-ha so I’m just going to say it as it is”. I can get along quite well with Dr. K----‘s style, but Dr. Undercomb on the other hand – well, he’s just not right.

At one point in Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Locke refers to the stupid nature of country folk. By this, I suppose he means the uneducated nature of people who live in the country during his time. It is an offensive statement by today’s standards, but acceptable in Locke’s time. In an attempt to be funny, Dr. Undercomb’s lecture was permeated with constant references to the stupidity of Country Folk. Perhaps it was the monotonous tone of his voice, but I found the way he presented it, just wasn’t funny.

After that lecture, I cycled to my allotment garden. Madam Manyticks (the politician responsible for stirring up most of the dissidence among the gardening community and I suspect responsible for over $4,000 of missing money) was there with a city surveyor. I was leaving when she tried to get my attention in that tone of voice that I take to mean “I’m going to blame you for something someone else did in a passive aggressive manor in hopes that you will gossip with the others and fix this problem.” I told her I had to go, tight schedule, all that. She says, it will only take a second. That means that I’ll be there for an hour listening to her jabber on about nothing directly related to me.

This Garden thing is really getting bad. Money is going missing, there is no strong power structure in place for which to use for things to get done. People are vandalizing each other’s gardens. I should learn that it’s not worth trying to do something for the betterment of the community. Thanks a lot Madam Manyticks.

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Leanne said...

I like Kluge too...he's a fun guy....so smart and not the least bit apologetic about it. and you're not too old, they're all just too young. give them one semester and they'll all become a bit more jaded.