Saturday, October 21, 2006

Update on the Bulge

Sadly, the bulge (see last post) is gone. Dr. Undercomb is again safe from disaster. However, he remains boring and patronizing.

A subject matter I don't enjoy with a instructor I barely respect, yet I have learnt a great deal more than has been taught.

Firstly, I know why I hate the material. Berkley's basic premises are faulty - he makes assumptions on the human mind based on his own limited psychological experiences. He is also internally inconsistent in how he applies his theories. But that's okay, he's dead now.

Secondly, I am learning how not to teach a class. Even if I never go into teaching, I have learnt that it is important that if you do not enjoy what you are teaching, you should prepare better than you would for a subject that interests you. That way, you won't loose the respect of the students who have been forced (it's a required class) to endure you.

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