Sunday, December 03, 2006

Away and Away some more

I have hardly blogged since my return from the UK. I have been doing some soul searching and a lot of catch-up on my university work. There are some bloggs out there with hundreds of visitors a day, and others, like me, with a maximum of four loyal visitors. I don't feel that I am contributing all that much to the improvement of the internet--- So, I'm retreating from blog-land for a while. This way I can spend more time knitting, writing, reading, &c.. Don't worry, I have a feeling I'll be back here again... just not in the next little while.

Yours always,


JustApril said...

Hey! Somehow my bloglines lost your blog! I haven't been much for blogging myself, lately. I think I manage a post every couple of weeks or so, but things just got crazy and I didn't realize it until today. I'm sorry I lost track of you =( Hope you are well, and that your soul searching bears good results =) it's pretty hard work. said...

hey... just wanted to stop by and give you new year's wishes (a bit late, i know!)
hope everything is good and that you return to the blogosphere sometime... :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo! ;)
hey... what crazy comments!
what do you think about it?