Thursday, May 31, 2007


First off. I have decided to rejuvenate my Knitted UFO Sitings page. Anyone can join, not that many people read my blog. But if they did read Trampled by Geese, and if they did want to share with the world their stories of UFO woe, joy, frustration and shame, then they would be more than welcome to. All they have to do is leave a comment on the Knitted UFO Sitings Blog stating their desire, and I'll sign them up.

Summer came with a bang like it usually does around here, albeit, a few weeks later than normal. About the middle of February, the cold weather (by cold I mean between 5-10 degrees C.) subsides and a sort of dampish, nippy, unsettled weather sets in for a few months. Not the same dampish, nippy winter weather, which, even though it's not all that cold, it seeps into you and makes you feel like jumping off a building with one end of your latest UFO tied around your neck and the other end attached to the building. But that's no longer an issue. Summer has arrived! It snuck up on us last week, and not it's hot and dry and did I mention hot? What wonderful weather to be knitting this really large and really warm Wedding Gift! But I got a large amount done yesterday. I think I might actually be finished on time, that is if my wrists don't give out before I'm through.

I did a spot of gardening yesterday in the hot sun, and I realized I NEED A SUMMER HAT! While waiting for my bread to rise, I found a pattern for a Sunhat. It looks fun to knit but not really in style around here. Since I would only be wearing it gardening, I figure it will be fine. I have just enough Endless Summer Luna (in olive green) left over from my Every Day Bag UFO to make it. I'll make it green like my garden.

The photos today are not from my garden. They are from my walk to the Moss St. Market last weekend (before summer arrived) back when it was still spring. In order, hawthorn, laburnum (sp?), poppy, and potatoes which one very intelligent lady thought to start in compostable pots before selling them so that the customers can have their potatoes grow faster.

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