Saturday, June 16, 2007


6 hours in a hospital waiting room last night lead to a good chunk of knitting. I finished one BC sock and got a good start on the second. Don't worry, I'm well and so are the one's I love. It was scary there for a while and I don't know what I would have done if I had left my knitting at home but it would have involved someone getting hurt.

The BC Socks are just lovely to knit. I think I'll make another pair out of a solid colour. The yarn I am thinking of is a bit thicker so I will adjust the pattern accordingly. I think a nice silk/baby alpaca blend would be just right.

Preparation for my Etsy shop are well under way. I have several skeins of yarn washed that just need to be weighed and measured. I should be up and running at full capacity by the 25th (after my friend's wedding). The reclaimed yarn has turned out far better than expected. I hope that someone will find a good home for it. Perhaps they will even send me a photo of the yarn's next incarnation.

I like the idea that I am doing something helpful to the environment while 'stickin it to da man'. It is just one small act of civil disobedience by not depending on all those big yarn companies that over-charge for machine-made yarn (I don't mind expensive hand-made/dyed yarn).


Miss Scarlett said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is ok - that is the one thing you can count on at a hospital in BC these days --- a looong wait!
The socks are looking great - love the colourway you are using - did you dye that?

Great idea for your Etsy shop - I will be checking it out. I like supporting people's businesses, especially when they are for handmade goods.

Brenda said...

The socks look great! And good for you with the reclaimed yarn, I haven't tried that myself yet.

Reasoning E'Bert said...

Sadly I didn't dye it myself and it's not reclaimed yarn. It sure would be neat if it was though. I bought it from Etsy from a shop called See Jayne Knit. She dyes the yarn herself and I must say, she does a fabulous job.

jayne said...

See now, you're just too nice...

I love those socks -- wow! And I know you have leftovers. What else do you have planned?

I keep getting these wonderful suprises as I see things knitted with my yarns. Oh! I think to myself, look at that. It does that??