Sunday, June 03, 2007

nine point two

Right, so I signed up with Etsy, now I just have to decide what to sell. I think I'll start with some vintage knitting pattern books I have laying around and some recycled yarn (and buttons). From there I'll add some hand spun yarn and a few spinning accessories I have been working on.

Next weekend is the Victoria Fiber Fest, so I should be able to acquire a niddy noddy (necessary for better skeining of yarn) and maybe some hand carders (not that I know how to use them, but I want some any way). I am also thinking about picking up a hand operated drum carder, but I might wait 'till the Salt Spring Island Fiber Fest.

I also did the outline for "Live Green in the City" - title will probably change many times - today. It is a short booklet on how to manage an eco-friendly lifestyle in the big and not so big city. Hopefully, I can sell that on Etsy as well.

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