Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, I didn't have a chance to write out the pattern for Y's socks. Instead, a woman at work loved my BC socks so much that she asked for the pattern. I never realized just how difficult the pattern was until I tried to write it out. It took well into the early morning to get it finished. The thing is, it's not that it's hard to knit these socks. Yes, it requires some attention but it only takes you two seconds flat to get the stitch pattern down. Once that's done, the only difficult part is the heal, but you could easily substitute that for an add later heal. Heck, you could just tell me what types of heals/toes you like to knit, and I'll adjust the pattern accordingly for you.

Anyway, the BC Sock pattern is up on Trampled by Geese Free Knitting Pattern Page. I plan to have a top down version of these socks one day as well. If you want one sooner rather than later, just ask. As usual, any questions, comments, corrections &c. leave a comment.

Photos coming soon.

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Miss Scarlett said...

How fun to work with another knitter - and one who asks for your pattern! That is great.