Thursday, June 07, 2007


I have finished the Wedding Gift! I jump with Joy! Five months of worrying whether I made the right decision. Will they like it? Will she? Did I choose the right colour? It's too late now to change anything. All that remains is to package it up, write a card, and hope for the best.

I just listed a new vintage pattern book on Etsy. I rather hope that it doesn't sell, it's got some great cable stitch patterns in it that would translate well into socks. But if it sells, it sells - I don't have time this year to work out the details. I have been listing one a day for the last few days, I already have everything I need to ship these out, so there wouldn't be any delay while I figure out how to package the item (like there would be if I shipped yarn right now).

I have decided to go with a combination of recycled, reused and new packaging, and advertise in my shop that I make an effort to help the environment. Maybe, if I am creative enough and careful enough to provide an excellent quality product, it could become a signature of sorts.

Next week, my very good friend Y returns from her trip to Japan. She is an absolute diva with beads, I should ask her if she wants to make stitch markers or jewelry for my Etsy shop.

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