Saturday, June 30, 2007


I haven't had a chance to tell you about this spinning group that I've been attending. They meet every fortnight and to me, their gatherings are a magical experience. Most bring their wheel, but it's not just spinning. Some times, one or the other will be working on a project made with their hand spinning. Gathered together in one room is a wealth of knowledge and experience. What's more, they are open and willing to share. I have learnt so much from them already, and I know it is a well of knowledge that will never run dry. I feel honoured to be welcomed into their fold.

Talking about spinning, I've made the first sock-ish skeen of light grey yarn from some wool I bought locally.

I spun it woolen style (twist enters drafting zone) and as a two ply it comes to somewhere around 16 wpi. It wasn't until I wound it into a skeen that I could see how lovely it was. All the time I was spinning it, I thought to myself, "Self, this yarn sure is better than last time, but you just know all you can spin is crap at this stage in your life. You should just give up and stick to knitting. Why would you want to make yarn anyway? That's for the experts."

Good thing I seldom listen to myself.

I made around 60 meters, so that should do one sock? Maybe?

I have some dark grey to spin up for the colour work. Then we will see how things go from there. Here's the plan:

And here's the finished yarn!

If everything goes well today, I'll have some more items up on my etsy shop by Monday. That is, once I've gone to the market, worked in the garden, cleaned the deck, watered the plants, made bread, washed the cat and gone out for dinner with family.

And one more thing, is it skeen, skean, skein, or skane?


Brenda said...

Looks awesome Raven! I'm so jealous that you have a wheel, AND about the group you've been attending.

I've already been spinning this weekend (a new spindle purchased from Etsy arrived the other day) and have also noticed great improvement. As I was spinning last night though, I was thinking of the time it was taking from my knitting, yet didn't really care THAT much!

I'm off to meet up with a local purveyor of spinning supplies today to purchase a niddy noddy. Will definitely be writing a spinning post for my blog later today.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh your new skein (that is the spelling - I am not sure about the pronunciation at all!) of sock yarn.
It is beautiful - I am glad you didn't listen to yourself either!

That is so cool that you are part of a spinning group - you are making rapid progress and you will only make more. I think spinning your own yarn just adds to your knitting.

Love your Fulled Pattern - and the other commentor had a great idea to make it for a camera bag/holder. Brilliant. Now all I need is full-able wool...

I love how visiting other's blogs always means I have to buy more yarn, don't you?