Monday, June 25, 2007

twenty-five point one

The most amazing thing happened to me tonight. It's so unbelievable that I turned my computer on in the evening (rare in itself) just because I had to tell someone about it.

I was at the spinning group this evening and when I was introduced to one particular person who was not there last time, she said, "Oh, I know your blog." Now let me stop you there.

No one, in the history of this green earth has ever said that to me before!

It is not a phrase I ever expected to hear in my lifetime. Or, at the very least, I never expected to hear it spoken to myself.

It's a very powerful phrase and I was completely caught off guard.

I drew a complete blank on how to respond to such a flattering remark. In fact, I drew a complete blank on what happened next. I think I either said, "what? Okay." or more probably, "what's a blog?"

I think that I have just spent so many years talking to myself (and my imaginary stalker) on this blog, that I completely forgot that real life people read the Internet - and what's more, they pay attention.

Thanks for reading.


Anne from Worsted Spinning said...

From my point of view (sitting right beside you) I thought you handled having your blog mentioned well. I'm glad it was mentioned because now I can add you to my favourites. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Beth said...

that is so exciting! i've never had that happen either. some day... :-) congrats!

Miss Scarlett said...

That is nice!
Spinning Group - I am so jealous.

What is your new project? (sorry if I missed it in an earlier post - I have some catching up to do)

Queen of the froggers. said...

Wow, fame ha scome! I would be scared if someone said that to me, I don't know why!!