Monday, June 25, 2007


There are a few things (well okay, just one thing) that I need to get off my chest. Since I'm not one to mince words, I'm just going to come out and say it.

Please Do Not Put Music On Your Blog!

There it is. Simple as day. Although, I would also accept, "stop putting music on your blog" and "get that Sh%tty music off your blog".

Yes, it is your blog, yes, it is nice to be able to customize the reading experience by adding an additional sensory input for the reader to 'enjoy'. And yes, not only am I able to not view a blog that I don't like (even though it is very good accept for the automatic music) - I will not read a blog with music that automatically loads. Simple.

Some of us enjoy customizing our reading experience by playing music on our PC (or mac) and having our own choice of music over powered by some stuff which - although very nice I'm sure- we would personally not listen to at gunpoint, and even then it depends on what kind of gun, is just darn anoying.

If you are going to have music on your blog, PLEASE, and I'm begging you here, make it optional. Make it so that the reader can click a button and enjoy what you love so much. I love that! I love sharing what you enjoy, I just want to be given the option of when to do it.


Brenda said...

I agree with you completely!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness!

How strange is this? Last night I was having odd dreams that involved a lot of stress and in one of them my blog was causing computer glitches because it kept auto loading a montage of U2 videos/music in a loop - it was causing glitches for readers, not for me and I couldn't get it off my blog!

I have no idea where this dream came from - I haven't even visited a blog with music in I don't know how long.

Shaking my head at the timing...