Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Nothing exciting to report today. I'm completely exhausted from a series of late nights, early mornings, insomnia (does anyone remember how to sleep? I seem to have forgotten) and work. I do have some questions though, and I hope that one of you knowledgeable people out there would be able to tell me the answers.

  1. I'm still looking for a pattern for a floppy felt sun hat. I saw a hat at the market last weekend and I just have to make myself one, only I'm too embarrassed to ask the woman for her pattern. Anyone know of any patterns out there?

  2. Yesterday, I stumbled across this most wonderful knitting blog run by two woman, one Muslim and one Jew. Now, I can't find it again and my IE History purges itself every time I close the browser. Please guide me back to this wonderful blog. (if it's any help, it had the word 'peace' in the title.)

  3. Just how eco-friendly are soy and bamboo fibers? They are both renewable resources, but how are they produced? I know that soy yarn is produced using the byproduct of tofu (yuck), but what kind of chemicals are used in that process?

  4. And lastly, what do you do to help you get to sleep when you can't sleep? I really need help with this one.

Thanks all. (Pictures of spinning and knitting are sitting on my camera - will post soon, in the mean time, feel free to admire this felted camera case, I should post the pattern soon, it's dead easy to make):


Brenda said...

Hope you get better sleep soon. I have used melatonin, it seems to work well and is a natural product.
If you find the blog you mentioned, I'd love the URL too, sounds really interesting.
And finally....would love the pattern for the little camera case, it's very cute!

Leanne said...

Hello! in thanks for the eggs, I have used Google to my (or your)advantage and found this:
by typing in
And it worked! As for sleep, try breathing exercises...sometimes it helps me!

Holly said...

Sleep is tricky. Get a bedtime pattern and stick to it.

Ok, now that we have dispensed with that idiocy, personally I do professional reading which puts me out in a heart beat. Failing that - I have several soothing CDs I can put on that I know by heart.

Hanane said...

Love the camera case...Please do post it and thanks for stopping by our blog. Leanne Thanks for promotion our blog to others.

hanane from knittingourwaytopeace.