Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My friend Y returned from Japan this week. It is so good to see here again. She came for dinner and we made her roast chicken (which is really hard to come by in Japan appereantly) and she brought us gifts. Including this knitting book:

Yes, I know most of it's written in Japanese, but they put the knitting pattern in such a way that you don't need to understand any of the written words. It's done with schematics and diagrams. It makes me very very pleased.

It looks like Y will be making some beaded goodies for my Etsy Shop. She is an absolute diva with beads, so it should go well.

I finished spinning up a Top Knot from Aurelia that I bought last year. The spinning went quite well, (semi-worsted) very little breaks, it went quickly and I made a fun pattern out of the different colours.

When it came to plying however, things went all to pot. It kept breaking, over and over and over again. I Navajo Plied the yarn in an attempt to keep the colour pattern somewhat in tact, but I think I didn't have enough twist in the singles for it to hold together enough. Also, the wheel kept pulling on the yarn before it was ready no matter how I adjusted the tension. Next time I won't be so impatient.

I'm thinking that I might have to knit Monkey. I saw no less than six people knitting these at the Victoria Fiber Fest. Now the Yarn Harlot is knitting a pair... Is this peer pressure?


Miss Scarlett said...

Oh, how nice to have your friend home!
I will am so curious to see if you can knit something from a Japanese pattern book - I see that people do, it amazes me.

What a shame the yarn was breaking, it looks so beautiful. That must have been so frustrating. I love the colour combinations. What are you going to make?

Monkey, eh? Well...I hear it is a fun pattern, with an easy repeat to memorize. I might end up making some as I joined Summer of Socks (mostly so I could get moving through my ludicrous sock yarn stash!)

Brenda said...

I agree, breaking yarn would be SO frustrating! Sure looks pretty though!
I highly recommend the Monkey pattern. I've knit it twice, and would do it again. It's that happy combo of not boring stockinette yet not so difficult it's frustrating. It's a very fun knit.