Monday, July 30, 2007

forty-two, the ultimate answer

42, the ultimate answer

In honour of the answer to the ultimate question (if you don't know what I'm on about, read The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy), I wanted to write something extraordinary. Perhaps a commentary on how buying organic foods often has equal or greater environmental damage to buying regular foods in the supermarket (this is mostly due to the fact that the majority of organic foods grown in North America are grown by large corporations and are shipped on average four times as far as regular produce. - the best way around this is to first buy locally produced foods (think the 100 mile diet - what's that in kilometers?) or even better, to buy locally produced organic foods). Or, I thought I might share my recipes for eco-friendly cleaning products which double as pest repellent for plants (a smelly drain is easily cured with two table spoons of backing soda with a white vinegar chaser (about a cup), allow to bubble away for ten minutes, rinse with hot watter, repeat as necessarily).

In the end, I decided that the ultimate answer is best honoured by sharing beautiful things.

Perhaps some of you remember when I utilized the sun to dye a roving to be Kool Kolour Kool Aid Dyed. See here and here for how to, and here for some photos of the end result. Well I finally finished spinning the first of two skeins and I learnt an important truth about 'setting the twist'. If you leave the singles on the bobbin too long, they don't ply so well. There, I said it. apparently too long is about a week. I just thought I would share this vital bit of info out there with my fellow (new) spinners.

But anyway, here are some photos of my two ply, woolen spun, sock yarn.

It has a lovely halo which comes from woolen spinning (twist entering the draft zone) but it won't be as strong as say worsted-style spun yarn. No matter, isn't the colour wonderfully vibrant?

My washed fleece is also just about dry, it's taking two days to dry, which isn't all that long I think. But have a look at the colour change.



Isn't it amazing?

My place on the Ravelry list:

Found you!
You signed up on June 24, 2007
You are #10909 on the list.
3596 people are ahead of you in line.
10567 people are behind you in line.
33% of the list has been invited so far

It looks like only three weeks left if everything keeps going this way. Although, I am nervious about it. What if it zaps all my fiber-time?

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Brenda said...

Your plied yarn looks great! Thanks for the tip about the yarn sitting too long before plying.

As to is definitely worth the wait, I'm enjoying it a lot and have been on since mid June. It does take some time, but only as much as you let it. I have not entered all my stash and previous projects or that would take forever, I'm doing it as a "from here on in" kind of thing. Then it's not too bad.