Saturday, July 28, 2007


At long last, an opportunity to tell you about my adventures at the Salt Spring Island Fiber Festival.

Y, my father and I caught a ferry to the little island quite early in the morning. A bit too early for some of us, but once we were on our way, things began to cheer up. The weather threatened rain, misty in some places, sunny in others. But the rain held off until we began our journey home.

The view from the boat:

Here is Y on the boat. Still a little bit sleepy, but enjoying herself I think.

Of course, the token WIP project, Monkey socks.

The fiber festival was on the same day as the Harry Potter Launch. Everywhere we went on the island, there were people talking about the book. There were even a few wizards walking around in full costume.

A creative fence:

And at last, the fiber festival itself. Nestled next to a stream, it was like a little piece of heaven on earth.

Now, I must stop here and admit to you that large quantities of fiber, all in the same place, with people spinning, weaving, knitting, carding, &c. all in one place, made me a little crazy. So crazy that at this point in my adventure, I stopped talking photos. It's a shame really, as there were so many wonderful things to see. The flax demonstration ensnared me for quite some time. The wonderful sheep to shall spinners and weavers captured me in their web. And the shopping, ah yes, the shopping. So much shopping, and yet somehow I stayed under budget! Mostly because one of my first items was an unwashed, well skirted light grey Romney fleece (photos to come later).

I also purchased some silk from Treenway Silks:

Some hand carders:

And some Alpaca sheared from a saucy fellow called Pedro:

Oh yes, I did manage to take one photo at the fiber festival:

On the way home, we drove via Duncan and saw the home of the worlds largest hockey stick.

That's the best photo I could manage as we drove past, but if it's any comfort, most of my photos turned out like this (thank goodness for digital cameras).

You can almost make it out, the hockey stick and puck that is, if you squint.

For some reason I didn't buy any yarn. I think I was overwhelmed with the amount of work that all this fiber will take to turn into yarn level on knit. I wonder how many sweaters I can knit with seven pounds of wool?

What did I enjoy most? So many things, but two really stand out, first and foremost, day-tripping with friends and family. Second, the opportunity to purchase directly from the farmers that raised the animals.


Hanane said...

Color me jealous, I was suppose to go the Fiber Christmas in July this weekend but alas I went on a double date with my husband and another couple instead. My mind was off of it until I just read your blog. : ( I want fiber.

What I really want is to learn how to use this $3000 dollar collectors item I own. My beautiful Reeves Saxony.


Miss Scarlett said...

Salt Spring Island is my happy place. I LOVE that Island. Sigh...a fibre festival is an amazing thing to picture there.

Love the gorgeous silks you bought. What a fun time you are going to have spinning that up! Can't wait to see some of your work.

And the Alpaca - how fun! You met it's bearer? That is great.