Saturday, July 21, 2007


There is something magical about staying home on a rainy day, cuddling up in one's favorite comfy chair with one's knitting. The wind, pounding rain against the window, your afghan wrapped around you like a protective shield, and a cup of your most favorite hot beverage on the table at your elbow.

For all you care, the weather can rage all it wants to. In fact, the worse it gets, the more content you feel snuggled in your home - safe, protected from the storm. And if by some chance, the weather in one violent serge, knocks the power out, you have an oil lamp that you can pull down from the top shelf, already full of oil, ready to light. As you sit there knitting, the rain floundering against the window, you almost hope that the power will go out so that you can perch yourself precariously on a chair and bring down that old lamp that your aunt gave you oh so many years ago. There is nothing quite as comforting as knitting by lamp light with a storm raging at your doorstep.

Knitters like rain, I think well tell ourselves that it is because, in the rain, we have nothing else to draw upon our time: no gardening can be accomplished, it's impractical to wash the dog, and grocery shopping, well that can wait until the sun is shining - who wants wet groceries anyway? But really, knitters love to knit during a rainstorm because it feels right. Centuries of knitters before us have knit in the rain and now we do too. Knitting goes with rain like hot goes with chocolate - perfectly!

Knitters like rain, but what about the other way around? Does rain like knitters? Is it possible? What proof can be offered to support this far-out hypothesis? Do knitters, brimming with anticipation of, lets say for example, an upcoming fiber festival, emit a vibe that draws rain like coffee draws the half-asleep into the wakening world? Is that why, the two fiber festivals I attend this year have forecast for heavy rain?

I'll be at the Salt Spring Island Fiber Festival today. Hopefully the weather forecast is wrong.

On a side note, what kind of git waters their lawn in the rain? We have had a week of substantial rain and the git in charge of installing and monitoring the automated sprinklers for our building not only has not turned off the lawn sprinklers, but has somehow managed to set the noisy sprinklers so that they come on at the front (our side of the building - the ones on his side start up at a more reasonable time of day) just before 4am. Not good for someone suffering form insomnia and tends to only sleep from one to six am anyway! UG! Me want sleep! Me want not to hurt earth by waisting water!
(oh yes, any spelling mistakes today are entirely due to lack of sleep)


Joanna said...

It was cold and wet in the Nation's Capital yesterday, and all I wanted to do was curl up with my knitting and a hot cup of tea. Instead I had to work. My place of employment has these great skylights above my workspace and there is nothing more depressing than skylights on an overcast day. (think big black cloud constantly hanging over your head). Hope you get good weather karma today for the fibre festival.

Miss Scarlett said...

I have to agree, rain suits knitting. It is such a cozy, homey activity.

#1 Pet Peeve - Wasted water in 2 forms: Sprinklers in the rain and People who use hoses to 'clean' their concrete yards/driveways

Both are ridiculous to the extreme. I would have thought that the need to conserve water has been publicized enough for even these dunces. Apparently not.

Sorry to hear about your insomnia. I know how dreadful it is.