Friday, July 13, 2007


I've been spinning again.

My Kauni yarn came today, but sadly I wasn't home. I bought it through Fun Knits, and I've got to tell you, not only is she very kind, I think she really (and I mean REALLY) likes yarn. She has to, who else would put up with my constant emails of questions (I'm not usually like this, honest) and indecisiveness (it's just yarn that makes me this way, honestly, I'm really not usually like this). She handled all my queries with zen like calmness (I'm probably over exaggerating how much I pestered her, but it's possible I'm not. This yarn and the excitement of the KauniKal has made me a little bit crazy with anticipation. I even bought stitch markers, ME! the person who saves every scrap of yarn end cut from every project to use later on as stitch markers, that's when I can be bothered to even mark my stitches. Stitch markers, really, what am I thinking? But, trust me, I'm not normally like this.).

Anyway, the conclusion is, Fun Knits Yarn Shop is definitely going on my main list of suppliers - right at the top next to elann (both shops ship from within a days journey from where I live - and I'm a strong believer in buying locally).

In the mean time, while I wait for my yarn, I've been spinning. Yes, ofcourse, I know, I already have plenty of yarn, but this yarn I make myself. Just look...

...I take a little piece of chaos...

...I enforce order on to it, with a wheel, my two hands, and force of will...

...and it becomes yarn.

I had originally planed socks for this yarn, but I think it might be better suited to a hat.

Natural colours, 100% wool, locally grown, spun woolen method, two ply.


Brenda said...

Wow, your handspun looks awesome!

Aren't I lucky to have Fun Knits as my LYS? I think it's good that it is a ferry ride away, otherwise, the damage I could do! You're right, Shelley truly does love yarn.

Danielle said...

I love to look at bloggers who spin, because I sadly do not :-( But hey, I've noticed too that the Kauni yarn is thin, and fyi it gets thicker and thinner in spots. You'll notice this once you begin knitting with it. But still, it's such great yarn because of the fabulously long color runs right? I lost half of my second skein due to some strange tangle that ran through many strand of the skein that I just could not get out. I've emailed the garnbutik where I bought it from but so far have had no response. I hope they will respond to me, I've never had a problem like this in the whole time I've been knitting. That's over 9 years now. Not forever, but I've crocheted since I was 10 or 11 years old so you get the picture. I know yarn Lol.

Anyway, happy start to your knitting on your Kauni. It's such a great sweater :-)